Biochemical and biophysical research communications

Rat lung possesses the mineralocorticoid receptor.

PMID 1312828


Lung cytosol from male, adrenalectomized rats was screened for the mineralocorticoid receptor (MCR) by a polyclonal antiserum raised in the rabbit against rat renal antigen. Western blot analysis revealed a single 98 kDa band, like the MCR purified biochemically. The MCR could also be photolabelled for the first time by 3H-R 5020 in this very 98 kDa region that was displaced by RU 26752 specific to MCR. Immune IgG was able to precipitate the MCR-3H-RU 26752 complex, and to displace the same to high molecular weight regions during gel permeation chromatography on Sephacryl columns. Thus, MCR mediated actions need to be redefined. Furthermore, the technique of photochemical labelling forms a novel tool to assess MCR specificity, and to dissect its structure and function.