Biochimica et biophysica acta

An EPR investigation of spin-labelled erythrocytes as a diagnostic technique for malignant hyperthermia.

PMID 1319213


Spin labelled (7-, 12- and 16- doxylsteric (DS) acid) erythrocyte (red blood cell) membranes isolated from six malignant hyperthermia susceptible (MHS) and six malignant hyperthermia normal (MHN) volunteer donors were characterized using the order parameter (S) and rotational correlation time (tau r) determined from 37 degrees C, 9 GHz electron paramagnetic resonance spectra. These parameters were found to decrease due to the increasing fluidization of the membrane as the halothane and benzyl alcohol sample concentration is increased and that significant differences exist in the values of S and tau r between the MHS and MHN sample groups, but that the differences in these parameters between the presence and absence of an external fluidizing agent are not significant for both sample groups. In the absence of these fluidizing agents, the mean values and standard errors of S at 37 degrees C for MHS and MHN are 0.643(2) and 0.652(3) for 7-DS, 0.554(2) and 0.563(3) for 12-DS, respectively, and of tau r are 2.139(12) and 2.223(13) ns for 16-DS, respectively. The values of S and tau r are significantly smaller for the MHS group than for the MHN group contrary to some previous reports. These observations revise and extend previous reports and show that the observed values of S and tau r in the absence of a fluidizing agent depend on the erythrocyte membrane structure in MHS and MHN subjects. They also suggest that the potential to use spin-labelled red blood cells as a screening protocol for MH deserves further investigation.

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16-DOXYL-stearic acid, free radical