Genes, chromosomes & cancer

RAD21 and KIAA0196 at 8q24 are amplified and overexpressed in prostate cancer.

PMID 14603436


To detect genes that are overexpressed in prostate cancer, a subtracted cDNA library was first constructed from the PC-3 cell line and subsequently screened by using cDNA microarray hybridization. Sixty-eight genes were found to be overexpressed (ratio>3) in PC-3. Half of these genes were in chromosomal regions, which, using comparative genomic hybridization, we previously showed to be gained in PC-3. Subsequently, the expression and copy number of selected genes were studied by quantitative RT-PCR and fluorescence in situ hybridization in prostate cancer cell lines, xenografts, and clinical tumor specimens of benign prostate hyperplasia and untreated as well as hormone-refractory prostate carcinomas. Two genes from chromosomal region 8q24-RAD21 and KIAA0196-showed increased expression in clinical prostate carcinomas and were also amplified in 30-40% of xenografts and hormone-refractory tumors. In addition, the expression of KIAA0196 was significantly (P=0.0051) higher in tumors with the gene amplification than in those without it. The data suggest that KIAA0196 and possibly RAD21 are putative target genes for the common amplification of 8q23-24 in prostate cancer.