Acta veterinaria Scandinavica. Supplementum

A short introduction to the new principle of binding ration calcium with sodium zeolite.

PMID 14621399


This paper summarise the development of the new principle of preventing parturient hypocalcaemia by reducing the bioavailability of ration calcium with calcium binders, based on the idea that a negative calcium balance would stimulate natural defence mechanisms against threatening hypocalcaemia. Synthetic sodium zeolite was selected as a first choice among the many calcium binders available commercially, such as polyphosphates, citrate, EDTA and it derivatives. Testing was done on non-pregnant rumen fistulated cows in the first place, followed by cows in late lactation. Encouraged by the tendencies seen in these animals, the final proof of concept was done on pregnant dry cows fed a supplement of synthetic sodium zeolite A from 4 weeks before expected calving until calving. By analysis of blood calcium levels, this supplementation was shown to have a stabilizing effect during the critical period shortly after calving.