International journal of oncology

Identification of CRASH, a gene deregulated in gynecological tumors.

PMID 14654938


We have identified CRASH, a human asparaginase-like protein which is composed of 308 amino acids and exhibits 32% homology to human aspartylglucosaminadase at the amino acid level. Database analysis revealed that the gene corresponding to CRASH is composed of 7 exons and 6 introns. Steady-state level of CRASH mRNA was found to be increased in 5 cell lines derived from metastatic lesions compared with 2 cell lines derived from primary mammary carcinoma and HMEC (human mammary epithelial cells). We found that the mRNA level of CRASH correlates with the metastatic propensity of several isogenic human colon cancer and pancreatic carcinoma cell lines. CRASH corresponds to a recently identified sperm autoantigen and furthermore we have demonstrated inducibility of CRASH mRNA by androgen and progesterone. Investigation of several types of human cancers and their corresponding normal tissues revealed high levels of CRASH mRNA in uterine, mammary and ovarian tumors compared with the corresponding normal tissues. CRASH mRNA expression was analysed in breast cancer samples with disclosed clinico-pathological features and corresponding normal tissues. The levels of CRASH mRNA were significantly up-regulated in tumors compared with normal breast tissues and correlate with lack of estrogen receptor expression of the tumors.

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