Wiadomosci lekarskie (Warsaw, Poland : 1960)

[Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) injectable contraception--safe, effective but neglected method of family planning in Poland].

PMID 14969166


As it is known from demographical prognosis for Poland, in the nearest years significant increase of the number of women in the childbearing age is expected (reflecting high, postwar, demographical wave). In spite of that, the prognosis of the number of live births is low, and does not exceed 450 thousands. The reason for this phenomenon is the change of life style among young people. They postpone delivery of the first baby, and use modern contraceptives. It is also expected that the number of women using modern contraceptives (especially combined oral contraceptives: estrogen + progestin) should significantly rise. It is well known, that with the age of a woman, there is an increasing number of contraindications for the estrogen use. It is the sufficient reason to think about alternate methods of contraception. DMPA (DEPO-PROVERA-150) is the very effective and safe method of family planning. It is used in many countries all over the world, since the sixties, but it is almost unknown in Poland. The use of DMPA is not reserved only for special cases. After many years of experience, it is possible to select the best candidates for this injectable contraception (patients with contraindications for estrogens, lactating women, smokers--especially over 35 years of age etc). DMPA appears to be acceptable method of fertility regulation. Clinical evidence after more than 30 years of use shows no additional adverse effects and possibly fewer than in the case of other hormonal methods of contraception. The particular advantages of DMPA, as a highly effective, long-lasting and reversible contraceptive, make it important option for Polish women, desiring a modern method of fertility regulation.