International immunology

Mouse IgA inhibits cell growth by stimulating tumor necrosis factor-alpha production and apoptosis of macrophage cell lines.

PMID 15039391


Potent Fcalpha-mediated actions of IgA have previously been shown for myeloid cells from man, but much less is known in relation to murine cells. Here, we report that mouse monoclonal IgA, irrespective of their antigenic specificity, inhibit the proliferation of mouse macrophage cell lines. The anti-proliferative activity was manifested by both monomeric and polymeric mouse IgA, but not by mouse monoclonal IgG and IgM. Growth of J774 cells was significantly inhibited during the 4-8 days of logarithmic growth, followed by a subsequent recovery of cell numbers prior to the stationary phase. We demonstrated that IgA binds to J774 cells, stimulates tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha production and induces apoptosis which is not dependent on NO or FAS/CD95. We also demonstrated that IgA, in synergy with IFN-gamma, induced TNF-alpha production and apoptosis of thioglycollate-elicited mouse peritoneal macrophages. Thus, the in vitro actions of IgA described may also play a regulatory role for mouse macrophages in vivo.

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