Isolation of a zinc finger motif (ZNF75) mapping on chromosome Xq26.

PMID 1505955


We report here the partial characterization of a new human zinc finger (ZNF75) gene of the Kruppel type mapping to the long arm of the X chromosome. A cosmid clone was isolated from a library specific to the Xq24-qter region by hybridization to a degenerate oligonucleotide representing the link between two contigous fingers of the C2H2 type. The sequence of the pertinent cosmid fragments demonstrated five consecutive zinc finger motifs, all pertaining to the Kruppel family. A reading frame starting at least 75 amino acids before the first zinc finger and ending 11 amino acids after the last one was identified; comparison with other ZF genes suggests that this genomic fragment represents the carboxy-terminal exon of the gene. Homology of approximately 55% in the zinc finger region was detected with many zinc finger genes including mouse Zfp-35 and human ZFN7 cDNA clones. Mapping using a panel of sematic cell hybrids and chromosomal in situ hybridization localized the gene to Xq26, in a region not previously known to contain zinc finger genes.