Cancer research

Selenite cytotoxicity in drug resistant and nonresistant human ovarian tumor cells.

PMID 1511444


Our previous studies on selenite cytotoxicity led us to hypothesize that drug resistant tumor cells with high intracellular glutathione will exhibit a high degree of sensitivity to selenite. To examine this we studied the effects of selenite on drug resistant human ovarian tumor (NIH:OVCAR-3) cells in three assays of cytotoxicity: proliferation; cell viability (trypan blue exclusion); and attachment to a solid matrix. The cells were sensitive to low levels of selenite: concentrations as low as 5 microM inhibited cell proliferation and attachment; and viability was decreased by concentrations as low as 20 microM. In each of these assays the NIH:OVCAR-3 cells were more sensitive to selenite than were drug sensitive human ovarian tumor (A2780) cells. These results suggest the potential for the utilization of selenite in the treatment of some drug resistant tumors.