Human pancreatic beta-cell glucokinase: cDNA sequence and localization of the polymorphic gene to chromosome 7, band p 13.

PMID 1511800


The glucose phosphorylating enzyme glucokinase plays an important role in the regulation of glucose homeostasis. Studies in rodents indicate that pancreatic Beta cells and hepatocytes express different isoforms of this protein as a consequence of the presence of tissue-specific promoters and exon 1 sequences which are spliced to a shared group of nine exons which encode most of the mRNA and protein. Here, we report the isolation and characterization of cDNA clones encoding human Beta-cell glucokinase. The sequence of human Beta-cell glucokinase shows 97% amino acid identity with that of the cognate rat protein. We also mapped the human glucokinase gene to the short arm of chromosome 7 by analysing its segregation in a panel of reduced human-mouse somatic cell hybrids. In situ hybridization to metaphase chromosomes confirmed the localization of the human glucokinase gene to chromosome 7 and indicated that it was in band p 13. A microsatellite DNA polymorphism that can be typed using the polymerase chain reaction was identified upstream of exon 1 a, the Beta-cell specific first exon. The glucokinase cDNA clone and highly informative DNA polymorphism will be useful for examining the role of this gene in the pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus.

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