Investigative radiology

Effects of dimeric radiographic contrast medium iotrolan on Swine renal arteries: comparison with monomeric contrast media iohexol and iomeprol.

PMID 15194911


To investigate whether the lower incidence of vasodilatation upon vascular injection of iotrolan, as compared with monomeric contrast media, is solely the result of its isotonicity. In an organ bath, isolated segments of swine renal arteries, uncontracted or precontracted by 10 microm phenylephrine, were incubated with increasing concentrations of iotrolan-300, iohexol-300, iomeprol-300, iomeprol-150, and mannitol solutions with the same molarity as the contrast media. At equal iodine and equimolar concentrations, iotrolan-300 relaxed precontracted arteries less than iohexol-300, iomeprol-300, and iomeprol-150, which was, like iotrolan-300, iso-osmolar to blood (P < 0.05). There was no significant difference between iohexol-300 and iomeprol-300 (P > 0.05). Iotrolan had no significant effect on the basal tonus of the vessels whereas iohexol and iomeprol induced a slight relaxation. Iotrolan, even at equimolar concentrations, resulted in less vasorelaxation than iohexol and iomeprol. Both osmolarity and chemotoxicity contribute to the greater vasorelaxant effect on swine renal artery of monomeric contrast media when compared to that of the nonionic dimeric contrast medium, iotrolan.