The Journal of cell biology

Annexin 11 is required for midbody formation and completion of the terminal phase of cytokinesis.

PMID 15197175


Annexins are Ca(2+)-binding, membrane-fusogenic proteins with diverse but poorly understood functions. Here, we show that during cell cycle progression annexin 11 translocates from the nucleus to the spindle poles in metaphase and to the spindle midzone in anaphase. Annexin 11 is recruited to the midbody in late telophase, where it forms part of the detergent-resistant matrix that also contains CHO1. To investigate the significance of these observations, we used RNA interference to deplete cells of annexin 11. A combination of confocal and video time-lapse microscopy revealed that cells lacking annexin 11 fail to establish a functional midbody. Instead, daughter cells remain connected by intercellular bridges that contain bundled microtubules and cytoplasmic organelles but exclude normal midbody components such as MKLP1 and Aurora B. Annexin 11-depleted cells failed to complete cytokinesis and died by apoptosis. These findings demonstrate an essential role for annexin 11 in the terminal phase of cytokinesis.