La Clinica terapeutica

[Study of the effect of Stressen on homocysteine blood levels in patients affected by vascular disease].

PMID 15244107


This study was carried out to confirm the results obtained in a previous trial, where Stressen had reduced homocysteinemia in patients with elevated concentrations of this amino acid and affected by vascular disease. 50 patients were enrolled and they received Stressen twice daily for 30 days. Basal levels of homocysteinemia were determined and, after the treatment, evaluation of this parameter was repeated. At enrollment homocysteinemia was 23.44 +/- 7.24 micromol/l; at the end of the treatment with Stressen it was reduced to 10.22 +/- 3.41 micromol/l, corresponding to a decrease of 56.4% (p<0.0001). No significant difference between sexes was noted. The results of this study confirm the efficacy of Stressen on homocysteine plasma levels and agree with literature about the relationship among vitamin B12, folate and homocysteine; the activity of the drug was therefore predictable considering its composition, constituted of cobamamide, calcium folinate and arginine glutamate.