Folia histochemica et cytobiologica

Localization of human chorionic gonadotropin beta subunit transcripts in ovarian cancer tissue.

PMID 15253136


Recent studies demonstrated that besides placenta and malignant trophoblastic tumors, hCG and especially its beta-subunit is secreted by a varieties of tumors of different origin. The aim of the present investigation was to determine the expression pattern of human chorionic gonadotropin gene in ovarian cancer tissue. The study included 8 patients with epithelial ovarian carcinoma. The expression and distribution of hCGbeta mRNA was assessed by in situ RT-PCR method. The semi-quantitative assessment was performed using computer image analysis. Transformation of the images into the pseudocolour scale showed a clear difference in fluorescence intensity among individual cancer cells. The intensity of ISRT-PCR products corresponding with expression level of hCGbeta demonstrated that its production by individual cancer cells is different. In all studied specimens of the ovarian carcinoma tissue, cancer cells characterized by the presence of active hCGbeta gene were found, whereas noncancerous tissue demonstrated lack of the gene expression. Thus, the study clearly shows that the expression of hCGbeta is the feature of ovarian cancer tissue.