Journal of biochemistry

Structure and function of chicken gizzard myosin.

PMID 153905


In our previous study (Onishi, H., Susuki, H., Nakamura, k., and Watanabe, S. J. Biochem. 83, 835-847, 1978), we found it to be characteristic of chicken gizzard myosin that thick filaments of gizzard myosin are readily disassembled by a stoichiometric amount of ATP (3 mol of ATP per mol of myosin), and that the ATPase activity of gizzard myosin in the ATP-disassembled state is much lower than that of gizzard myosin disassembled by a high concentration of KCl. We now report the following findings: (1) Thick filaments of (unphosphorylated) gizzard myosin can be in a bipolar structure or in a non-polar structure, depending on the method of preparing the thick filaments. (2) Thick filaments of (unphosphorylated) gizzard myosin in either the bioplar or the non-polar structure are readily disassembled by ATP. (3) Addition of rabbit skeletal C-protein does not confer ATP resistance on thick filaments of (unphosphorylated) gizzard myosin. (4) Unphosphorylated) gizzard myosin in the ATP-disassembled state is in a dimeric form as determined by ultracentrifugation. Moreover, 0.2 M KCl-dissociated gizzard myosin in monomeric form is converted to a dimeric form by ATP. (5) The Mg-ATPase activity of (unphosphorylated) gizzard myosin is much lower in its dimeric form (less than one-tenth) than in its monomeric form. The activity depression observed around 0.15 M KCl is therefore due to the formation of myosin dimers. (6) Skeletal L-meromyosin can increase the very low activity of (unphosphorylated) gizzard myosin ATPase at low ionic strength (0.13 M KCl) by forming ATP-resistant hybrid filaments with (unphosphorylated) gizzard myosin, preventing the formation of myosin dimers. (7) Gizzard myosin in which one of the light-chain components is phosphorylated by myosin light-chain kinase can form thick filaments which are resistant to the disassembling action of ATP. (8) Even in the presence of ATP, thick filaments of phosphorylated gizzard myosin do not disassembled into myosin dimers. Accordingly, the ATPase activity of phosphorylated gizzard myosin does not show activity depression at low ionic strength.