Analytical biochemistry

Simultaneous determination of renal clinical analytes in serum using hydrolase- and oxidase-encapsulated optical array biosensors.

PMID 15464967


An optical array biosensor encapsulated with hydrolase and oxidoreductase using sol-gel immobilization technique has been fabricated for simultaneous analysis and screening of multiple samples to determine the presence of multianalytes which are clinically important in relation to renal failure. Urease and creatinine deiminase were used to detect urea and creatinine, while glucose oxidase and uricase were coimmobilized with horseradish peroxidase to quantify glucose and uric acid. Moreover, the concentrations of analytes in fetal calf serum were measured and quantified using the developed sensing system. The array biosensor showed good specificity for the simultaneous analysis of multiple samples for multianalytes without obvious cross-interference. The analytical ranges of the four analytes were between 0.01 and 10mM with detection limits of 2.5-80 microM. High precision with relative standard deviations of 3.8-9.2% (n=45) was also demonstrated. The reproducibility of array-to-array in 3 consecutive months was 5.4% (n=3). Moreover, the concentrations of analytes in fetal calf serum were 5.9 mM for urea, 0.13 mM for creatinine, 3.3mM for glucose, and 0.15 mM for uric acid, which were in good agreement with results obtained using the traditional spectroscopic methods. These results demonstrate the first use of a sol-gel-derived optical array biosensor for simultaneous analysis of multiple samples for the presence of multiple clinically important renal analytes.

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