Dental materials journal

Cytocompatibility and viscoelastic properties of phthalate ester-free tissue conditioners.

PMID 15510874


We prepared prototype phthalate ester-free tissue conditioners (PFT) from a powder of poly(ethyl methacrylate) and a mixture of several liquids, including di-n-butyl sebacate, benzyl benzoate (BB), and ethanol. The estrogenic activities of the liquids in the PFT were measured by an E-screen assay. We also assessed the cytotoxicity of the prototype and commercial tissue conditioners against a living skin equivalent. Finally, the viscoelastic properties were determined by measuring the rubber hardness and initial flow, while the effect of the mixing liquid on the mechanical properties of a denture resin was assessed by three-point bending test. PFT did not show any estrogenic activity and displayed a low or a similar level of cytotoxicity as the conventional materials. The viscoelastic properties and the effect of the mixing liquid on mechanical properties were influenced by the quantity of BB present in the mixing liquid. The prototype is therefore a reasonable PFT candidate.