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Localization of HPV-16 DNA sequence in CaSki cells by electron microscopic hybridocytochemistry.

PMID 1552183


We investigated the HPV-16 DNA sequence in the CaSki cervical carcinoma cell line by electron microscopic hybridocytochemistry using biotinylated HPV-16/18 probes. At the light microscopic level, reaction product of hybridized HPV-16 DNA sequence was not seen in the cytoplasm but appeared as spots or rods randomly distributed in the nuclei. By electron microscopy, reaction product was seen aggregated in several regions in the nuclei. Most of the stained areas did not reveal particular architecture but showed part of the chromatin structure. In other nuclei, reaction product was observed to be associated with strings of loop-like structure, and some stained loops were seen to be connected directly to the nuclear filamentous chromatin structure. The skeletonized images of hybridized HPV-16 DNA in the nuclei were illustrated by computerized image analysis. In conclusion, we have demonstrated the HPV-16 DNA sequence in the nuclei of CaSki cells by electron microscopy. The identification of stained areas localized only in the chromatin suggests an integrated form of HPV-16 DNA sequence in the cells. This method could be used to identify an integrated or episomal form of viral DNA in the virus-containing cells.

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