Neurological sciences : official journal of the Italian Neurological Society and of the Italian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology

Picotamide in migraine aura prevention: a pilot study.

PMID 15549555


In an open, preliminary trial we evaluated the use of picotamide, an antiplatelet drug, in the prophylactic treatment of migraine aura (MA). Twenty-two women suffering from migraine with typical aura or MA without headache, diagnosed according to International Headache Society criteria, entered a nine-month study. They underwent a three-month run-in period free of prophylactic drugs, followed by a six-month treatment period (subdivided in two trimesters, TI and TII) with 300 mg of picotamide administered twice daily. A detailed diary reporting neurological symptoms, duration and frequency of MA was compiled by patients along the trial time. The number of MA significantly decreased during treatment (from 6.85+/-3.82 in the run-in trimester to 2.85+/-2.72 during TI and to 2.55+/-2.89 during TII). Also, MA duration was decreased significantly, being 36.75+/-20.28 min during run-in, 20.00+/-16.94 during TI and 17.75+/-16.26 during TII. In 25% of patients MA totally disappeared. The number and the features of aura neurological symptoms were also positively modified by the use of picotamide. No serious adverse event was provoked by picotamide administration. Picotamide is effective in reducing MA frequency, duration and symptomatology. The effect is clearly evident in the first trimester of treatment and is maintained with no further modifications during the second trimester.

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