Functional analysis of the NPDC-1 gene.

PMID 15563841


Mouse NPDC-1 (Neural Proliferation Differentiation and Control-1) is specifically expressed in neural cells when they stop dividing and start to differentiate. The NPDC-1 protein has been shown to interact with the E2F1 transcription factor, D-type cyclins and Cdk2. Immunocytochemical studies and subcellular fractionation of rat brains disclosed a partial colocalization of NPDC-1 with synaptic vesicle proteins, suggesting additional functional interactions. Here, we report the characterization of the mouse and human genes that were found to display very similar structures. We mapped the human gene to chromosome 9q34.3. No obvious pathological defect has been previously linked to this region. In order to gain further insights into its function(s), we generated null mice for the NPDC-1 gene. We did not detect any macroscopic phenotypical defect. Analysis of the upstream sequence of the mouse NPDC-1 gene delineated two regions involved in its negative and positive transcriptional regulation. Evidence for the regulation of NPDC-1 by Krox family transcription factors is presented.