European journal of pharmacology

Effects of the mixed-action kappa/mu opioid agonist 8-carboxamidocyclazocine on cocaine- and food-maintained responding in rhesus monkeys.

PMID 15588733


The present study evaluated the effects of 8-carboxamidocyclazocine (8-CAC), a novel mixed-action kappa/mu agonist with a long duration of action, on food- and cocaine-maintained responding in rhesus monkeys to assess the potential utility of 8-CAC as a medication for the treatment of cocaine dependence. The effects of acute and chronic (10 days) 8-CAC were examined in rhesus monkeys responding under a multiple schedule for both cocaine and food reinforcement. Acute 8-CAC (0.032-0.56 mg/kg, i.m.) dose-dependently eliminated cocaine-maintained responding in all three monkeys. However, doses of 8-CAC that decreased cocaine self-administration typically also decreased food-maintained responding, and 8-CAC-induced decreases in cocaine self-administration diminished during chronic 8-CAC treatment. These results confirm that 8-CAC acutely decreases cocaine self-administration. However, non-selective effects of 8-CAC on food-maintained responding and tolerance to 8-CAC effects on cocaine self-administration may limit its potential for the treatment of cocaine dependence.