DNA sequence : the journal of DNA sequencing and mapping

Cloning and characterization of human CAGLP gene encoding a novel EF-hand protein.

PMID 15621662


The EF-hand proteins, containing conserved Ca2+ binding motifs, play important roles in many biological processes. Through data mining, a novel human gene, CAGLP (calglandulin-like protein) was predicted and subsequently isolated from human skeleton muscle. The open reading frame of CAGLP is 543 bp in length, coding a putative Ca2+ binding protein with four EF-hand motifs. The deduced amino acid sequence of CAGLP displays high similarity with Bothrops insularis snake protein calglandulin (80%). The results of PCR amplification using cDNA from 17 human tissues indicated that human CAGLP is expressed in prostate, thymus, heart, skeleton muscle, bone marrow and ovary. Functional CAGLP::EGFP (enhanced green fluorescent protein) fusion protein revealed that CAGLP accumulated through-out Hela cells. Western blot using anti-EGFP antibodies indicated that the CAGLP protein has a molecular weight of about 19 kD. A phylogenetic tree showed that CAGLP and calglandulin may be orthologous proteins representing a distinct group in the EF-hand proteins.