The effects of alanine-substituted conantokin-G and ifenprodil on the human spermine-activated N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor.

PMID 15664702


We evaluated the effects of Ala-7-conantokin-G (Con-G(A7)) and ifenprodil on the modulation by spermine of [(3)H]MK801 binding to human cortical membranes. Human cortical tissue was obtained at autopsy and stored at -80 degrees C until assay. Both Con-G(A7) and ifenprodil inhibited [(3)H]MK801 binding, but spermine affected these inhibitions differently. Con-G(A7) IC(50) changed little with spermine concentration, indicative of a non-competitive interaction, whereas the rightward shift in ifenprodil IC(50) with increasing spermine concentration suggested partial competition. When the two agents were tested against the biphasic activation of [(3)H]MK801 binding by spermine, they again differed in their effects. In the activation phase Con-G(A7) was a non-competitive inhibitor of spermine activation, and may even enhance the spermine EC(50), while the ifenprodil data indicated a partially competitive interaction. Both agents were non-competitive in the inhibitory phase. Overall, the data suggest that Con-G(A7) and ifenprodil interact differently with the polyamine modulation of the glutamate-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor.