The Journal of eukaryotic microbiology

Establishment of a new amphileptid genus, Apoamphileptus nov. gen. (Ciliophora, Litostomatea, Pleurostomatida), with description of a new marine species, Apoamphileptus robertsi nov. spec. from Qingdao, China.

PMID 15666718


A new pleurostomatid genus Apoamphileptus is described, which is diagnosed as: Belonging to the Amphileptidae with spica on right side; on each side of the cell, a single perioral kinety, which encircles the cytostome and does not extend to the posterior end of the cell; somatic kineties of both sides near ventral margin shortened and forming a postoral suture; two to several extra fragments with densely arranged dikinetids located in anterior portion of left side. As the type species, the morphology and infraciliature of Apoamphileptus robertsi nov. spec., isolated from a shrimp-farming pond near Qingdao (Tsingtao), China, have been investigated using living observations and the protargol silver impregnation method. The diagnosis for this new species is: Apoamphileptus 90-180 x 30-60 microm in vivo, body elongate pyriform-shaped and slightly flattened; with one cross-striated band along the cytostome; 2-6 (generally 4) large macronuclear nodules, one micronucleus; 33-43 right somatic kineties; left side 6-8 kineties; two extra anterior fragments on left side; about 13 contractile vacuoles dispersed throughout whole body; extrusomes absent or not recognizable; marine habitat. Some morphologically related morphotypes are discussed and tabulated. Regarding the pattern of infraciliature and other morphological features, the well-described fresh-water species, Amphileptus claparedii Stein, 1867 is believed to be a member of this new genus, hence a new combination is suggested: Apoamphileptus claparedii (Stein, 1867) nov. comb.