Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003)

Synthesis, characterization and coordination chemistry of a macrocyclic ligand containing arsenic donors.

PMID 15672188


The preparation and characterization of the macrocyclic diamido-diarsine ligand [As2N2]Li2(1,4-dioxane) (1) (where As2N2 = PhAs(CH2SiMe2NSiMe2CH2)2AsPh) and a series of early transition metal complexes are presented. The complexes [As2N2]MCl2 (M = Zr, 2; Ti, 4) and the complex ([As2N2]Y)2(mu-Cl)2 (5) can be prepared by reaction of 1 with the corresponding THF adduct of the metal halide. The iodide derivative of 2, [As2N2]ZrI2 (3) can be prepared by reaction with iodotrimethylsilane. The lithium complex 1 displays a very long lithium-arsenic bond distance of 3.162(10) A, and the yttrium complex 5 is the first known complex containing a yttrium-arsenic bond. Reduction of 2, 3 or 4 using C8K or activated magnesium decomposed the complexes in such a manner that the ligand was separated from the metal centre. Indirect evidence suggests this may be due to reduction of arsenic in the ligand in preference to the metal.