Zhongguo Zhong yao za zhi = Zhongguo zhongyao zazhi = China journal of Chinese materia medica

[Studies on tissue culture of Dendrobium lituiflorum].

PMID 15706865


To select optimal media and conditions for the tissue culture of Dendrobium lituiforum. The basic media, light illumination condition, phytohormone, and natural aqueous extracts. were tested and compared. The chlorophyll contents and soluble protein contents were measured. N6 medium was suitable for embryo germination and growth. 1/2 MS + NAA 0.5 mg x L(-1) cordd be used as the optimal protocorm multiplying media. Culture 20 days in darkness in advance, and then in light is useful to embryo germinate. 1/2 MS+ NAA 0-0.5 mg x L(-1) is beneficial to protocorm multiplication largely. N6 + 6-BA 2.0 mg x L(-1) + NAA 0.5 mg x L(-1) + 10% potato juice is useful to protocorm differentiation. Phytohormone and potato juice added to the media promoted chlorophyll content and souble protein content. N6 + NAA 0.5 mg x L(-1) + 10% banana juice is the best medium for plantlet rootage and strengthening. Concentration of inorganic salt, nitrogen source and illumination condition are important to embryo germination and growth. The nitrogen source type has effect on the protocorm multiplication. The chlorophyll contents and souble protein contents may be index to indicate the growth condition of plantlets, which can help to select the optimal media.

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