Chemical senses

Perceptual interactions in odour mixtures: odour quality in binary mixtures of woody and fruity wine odorants.

PMID 15741601


The qualitative perceptual interactions in three binary mixtures of wine odorants were studied: isoamyl acetate (fruity note)/whisky lactone (woody note), ethyl butyrate (fruity note)/whisky lactone (woody note) and ethyl butyrate (fruity note)/guaiacol (woody note). For each binary mixture, the perceived quality and intensity of 24 stimuli (four supra-threshold concentration levels of each of the two compounds and their 16 possible combinations) were evaluated in five replications by a trained panel of 13 subjects. The application of the Olsson predictive model for odour intensity and quality perception gave quite a good estimation of the evolution of single component identification in the mixture when the intensity proportion of unmixed components varied. However, this model was unable to account for the odour quality dominance in mixtures of iso-intense components. An alternative linear logistic model was proposed to study the qualitative dominance of the woody note in the three mixtures when the perceived intensities of each unmixed compound were equal.