Immunity & ageing : I & A

The role of the MAPK pathway alterations in GM-CSF modulated human neutrophil apoptosis with aging.

PMID 15743527


BACKGROUND: Neutrophils represent the first line of defence against aggressions. The programmed death of neutrophils is delayed by pro-inflammatory stimuli to ensure a proper resolution of the inflammation in time and place. The pro-inflammatory stimuli include granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF). Recently, we have demonstrated that although neutrophils have an identical spontaneous apoptosis in elderly subjects compared to that in young subjects, the GM-CSF-induced delayed apoptosis is markedly diminished. The present study investigates whether an alteration of the GM-CSF stimulation of MAPKs play a role in the diminished rescue from apoptosis of PMN of elderly subjects. METHODS: Neutrophils were separated from healthy young and elderly donors satisfying the SENIEUR protocol. Neutrophils were stimulated with GM-CSF and inhibitors of the MAPKinase pathway. Apoptosis commitment, phosphorylation of signaling molecules, caspase-3 activities as well as expression of pro- and anti-apoptotic molecules were performed in this study. Data were analyzed using Student's two-tailed t-test for independent means. Significance was set for p