Environmental science & technology

Neutralization of 4,6-dinitro-o-cresol waste pesticide by means of detonative combustion.

PMID 15773495


Neutralization of 4,6-dinitro-o-cresol, of which the best-before date had expired and which could not be used any longer, was carried out by means of the detonative combustion method. The pesticide comprises two nitro groups and is called DNOC. Composition of the applied explosive was designed on the basis of porous ammonium nitrate as an oxidizer and the pesticide as fuel. The thermodynamic parameters of such an explosive were estimated, and then three series of experiments with detonative decomposition of the material under a shield of sand were performed: in a steel chamber, in shot-holes in soil, and in shot-holes in a quarry. The efficiency of the pesticide decomposition was examined by determination of the residual remainder of the pesticide in the environment by means of gas chromatography. It was stated that pesticide content in the analyzed samples was below the determination threshold of the applied method. Biological tests with plants were carried out as well. Suggestion was made that the energy being produced during detonative combustion can be utilized for useful work, e.g. rock mining in a quarry.

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