Radiation protection dosimetry

Effect of calcium trisodium DTPA in rats with puncture wound contaminated by 90Y-chloride.

PMID 15899907


The efficacy of diethylenetriaminepentaacetate calcium trisodium (CaNa(3)DTPA) in a dose of 34.7 micromol kg(-1) as a function of its route of administration was investigated in rats with a puncture wound contaminated by (90)Y-chloride at a concentration of 2.55 MBq kg(-1). Approximately 60% of (90)Y-chloride at a puncture wound was absorbed into the body of rats over 72 h post-puncture and radioactivity in femoral bone increased during the timed-release of (90)Y. Intravenous administration of CaNa(3)DTPA (systemic treatment) at 15 min post-puncture reduced (90)Y at a puncture wound and in bone up to 75.6 and 84.3% of controls, respectively. Direct infiltration of CaNa(3)DTPA into a puncture wound site (local treatment) at 15 min post-puncture diminished radioactivity at the puncture wound and in bone up to 34.9 and 52.5% of controls, respectively. Thus, prompt local treatment may be effective for removing (90)Y from a puncture wound and minimising (90)Y-distribution to bone compared with systemic treatment.