Forensic science international

Quantification of propane in biological materials by head-space GC.

PMID 15939148


Propane was measured in specimens taken from two persons who died from a LPG explosion in an apartment using head-space-GC/FID. Because of the variation of instrument performance and sample injection, the internal standard pentane was used. Calibration standards were prepared by injecting each calculated volume of pure propane gas into capped vials containing 2 ml of blood and 5 microl of internal standard. The calibration curve revealed good linearity from 0.09 microg/ml to at least 90 microg/ml. The method validation data also included repeatability and recovery. The propane quantities in blood, fat and brain tissue were between 0.27 and 71 microg/ml (microg/g) with the highest concentration observed in fat. The confirmation of propane was conducted by the means of solid phase micro-extraction and mass spectrometry.