Neuroscience letters

Normalization of hypothalamic serotonin (5-HT 1B) receptor and NPY in cancer anorexia after tumor resection: an immunocytochemical study.

PMID 15955429


Tumor growth leads to anorexia and decreased food intake, the regulation of which is via the integrated hypothalamic peptidergic and monoaminergic system. Serotonin (5-HT), an anorectic monoamine acts primarily via 5-HT 1B-receptors in hypothalamic nuclei while neuropeptide Y (NPY) acts an orexigenic peptide. We previously reported that 5-HT 1B-receptors are up regulated while NPY is down regulated in tumor-bearing (TB)-related anorexia, contributing to food intake reduction. In anorectic TB rats we hypothesize that after tumor resection when food intake has reverted to normal, normalization of 5-HT 1B-receptor and NPY will occur. The aim of this study was to demonstrate normalization of these hypothalamic changes compared to Controls. In anorectic tumor-bearing rats after tumor resection (TB-R) and in sham-operated (Control) rats, distribution of 5-HT 1B-receptors and NPY in hypothalamic nuclei was analyzed using peroxidase antiperoxidase immunocytochemical methods. Image analysis of immunostaining was performed and the data were statistically analyzed. Immunostaining specificity was controlled by omission of primary or secondary antibodies and pre-absorption test. Our results show that after TB-R versus Controls a normalization of food intake, 5-H-1B-receptor and NPY expression in the hypothalamus occurs. These data, discussed in context with our previous studies, support the hypothesis that tumor resection results not only in normalization of food intake but also in reversible changes of anorectic and orexigenic hypothalamic modulators.

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