Journal of medicinal chemistry

Synthesis and evaluation of (17alpha,20Z)-21-(4-substituted-phenyl)-19-norpregna-1,3,5(10),20-tetraene-3,17beta-diols as ligands for the estrogen receptor-alpha hormone binding domain: comparison with 20E-isomers.

PMID 15974584


As part of our ongoing program to develop probes for the hormone binding domain of the estrogen receptor-alpha (ERalpha), we prepared and evaluated a series of 17alpha,Z-(4-substituted-phenyl)vinyl estradiol derivatives. The results indicated that the relative binding affinities (RBAs) at 25 degrees C for the new compounds were significant (RBA = 9-57) although less than that of estradiol (RBA = 100) or of the parent unsubstituted phenylvinyl estradiol (RBA = 66). All of the Z-compounds were full agonists in the uterotrophic assay, indicating that the ligands formed estrogen-like complexes with the estrogen receptor-alpha hormone binding domain (ERalpha-HBD). Comparison of corresponding Z- and E-4-substituted phenylvinyl ligands complexed with the ERalpha-HBD indicated small but significant differences in binding modes that may account for the differing trends seen in the structure-activity relationships for the two series.