Pediatric and developmental pathology : the official journal of the Society for Pediatric Pathology and the Paediatric Pathology Society

Histologic findings in "ex- Helicobacter pylori" gastric biopsies of pediatric patients.

PMID 16010501


Long-term sequelae of Helicobacter pylori-associated chronic gastritis (HpCG) have been described in adult patients. In the present study we report the histology of gastric mucosa biopsies in 6 asymptomatic pediatric patients (5 male and 1 female; mean age 9.5 years) with previous HpCG. Preceding H. pylori was histologically proved and confirmed by culture, direct visualization, and/or serology before delivering treatment. In 5 of 6 cases the HpCG followed a protracted clinical course, with various therapeutic series needed before H. pylori eradication. Time from final treatment for HpCG to actual biopsy ranged from 3 months to almost 3 years. Gastric mucosa showed mild chronic gastritis with absence of H. pylori organisms (6 of 6), focal loss of gland units with collagenous replacement (6 of 6), serrated foveolae (3 of 6), regenerative changes at elongated glandular necks with cells having enlarged and hyperchromatic nuclei (5 of 6), lymphoid aggregates (2 of 6), and presence of sulfomucins in isolated epithelial cells of glands and foveolae (2 of 6). None of these features were noticed in 10 normal gastric mucosa biopsies used as controls. The referred findings in "ex- H. pylori" pediatric patients may represent very early sequelae from HpCG at this age.