DTW. Deutsche tierarztliche Wochenschrift

[The tolerance and residue accumulation of sodium-2,2-dichloropropionate (Dalapon) administered over 90 days to dairy cows].

PMID 1606897


The influence of the pesticide Sodium-2,2-dichlorpropionate (Na-DCP; Dalapon) was investigated on dairy cows concerning of its effect on ability and health condition. The investigations were carried out in practice using several parameters (feeding, efficiency, haematological and clinicochemical parameters, tests of the slaughtered organisms including their patho-histological examination). The arising of residues was controlled in milk, organs and tissue as well. The pesticide was daily applied orally with the feedstuff in 3 different dosages (2.5, 10, 30 mg/kg b. w./d). Feedstuff consumption, results of milk production and milk quality were not influenced by Na-DCP. The presented results can not verify with safety the insignificant alterations of some clinicochemical parameters (Creatinine, Bilirubin). Direct after the deposit of Dalapon in all samples of milk, organs and tissue residues of this pesticide could be observed. The maximum tolerable residue levels for animal in the ex-GDR were exceeded under these conditions.