Bioprocess and biosystems engineering

Oxygen-limited fed-batch process: an alternative control for Pichia pastoris recombinant protein processes.

PMID 16080002


An oxygen-limited fed-batch technique (OLFB) was compared to traditional methanol-limited fed-batch technique (MLFB) for the production of recombinant Thai Rosewood beta-glucosidase with Pichia pastoris. The degree of energy limitation, expressed as the relative rate of respiration (q(O)/q(O,max)), was kept similar in both the types of processes. Due to the higher driving force for oxygen transfer in the OLFB, the oxygen and methanol consumption rates were about 40% higher in the OLFB. The obligate aerobe P. pastoris responded to the severe oxygen limitation mainly by increased maintenance demand, measured as increased carbon dioxide production per methanol, but still somewhat higher cell density (5%) and higher product concentrations (16%) were obtained. The viability was similar, about 90-95%, in both process types, but the amount of total proteins released in the medium was much less in the OLFB processes resulting in substantially higher (64%) specific enzyme purity for input to the downstream processing.

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