Zhi wu sheng li yu fen zi sheng wu xue xue bao = Journal of plant physiology and molecular biology

[Inhibitory effects of exogenous abscisic acid and maleic hydrazide on panicle sprouting in hybrid rice F1].

PMID 16121011


"On-panicle seed sprouting" is a serious obstacle in hybrid rice seed production. It was reported that exogenous ABA inhibited seed sprouting of hybrid rice F(1) seeds. It was shown that by ABA 1000 mg/L or MH 4000 mg/L application at 21 d after full heading (filling stage)(Fig.1), not only seed sprouting was inhibited, but also the seed energy was affected (Fig.2). The retardation of germination and lowing of germination rate were resulted from ABA treatment and MH treatment respectively (Fig.3). When the seeds were treated with ABA, GA(1) level was decreased (Fig.4). The expression of amylase was delayed and their levels become lowed by ABA treatment (Fig.5). However, those seeds maintained a certain level of GA(1) and amylase and still have germination ability. During germination, the GA(1) content and amylase activity did not decrease significantly by MH treatment, but the GA(1) content and amylase activity were significantly decreased in non-germination MH treated seeds (Fig.4, 5). Therefore, the sprouting retarding effects of ABA was considered as "post-harvest effects" and sprouting inhibiting effect of MH was considered as "inhibition effects" by the authors.

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