Revista alergia Mexico (Tecamachalco, Puebla, Mexico : 1993)

[Efficacy and safety of astemizole in the treatment of allergic rhinitis and urticaria: a systematic review with meta-analysis].

PMID 16158785


To compare astemizole with other first or second generation antihistaminics in the treatment of allergic rhinitis or urticaria. Systematic revision of clinical, controlled and randomized tests. 36 controlled, randomized, clinical, double or simple blind tests were made in 6,446 patients; 4,513 of them were assigned to astemizole and 1,933 to other first or second generation antihistaminics. Analyzed outcomes: Rate of global success; global scoring improvement of rhinitis; ocular, nasal or pharingeal pruritus; watering; nasal obstruction; sneeze; urticaria; cutaneous response to histamine; time to get a satisfactory improvent; frequency of sedation and headache. In connection to global success there were significant differences in favor of astemizole (OR 6.72, CI95% 5.36 to 8.41, p 0.0001); alike global scoring improvement of rhinitis (SMD -0.82, CI95% -1.70 to 0.06, p 0.04); rhinorrhea (SMD of -0.70, CI95% -1.47 to -0.03, p 0.02); nasal, pharingeal or ocular pruritus (SMD -0.64, CI95% -1.63 to 0.35, p 0.03); urticaria (SMD of -3.53, CI95% -4.11 to -2.94, p 0.0001), and reduction of cutaneous response to histamine (SMD -2.02, CI95% -2.47 to -1.57, p 0.0001). Differences for watering, nasal obstruction or sneeze were not observed. Finally, the safety area was analyzed considering the existence of sedation and headache; it was demonstrated less sedation (OR 0.23, CI95% 0.18 to 0.30, p 0.0001) and less headache (OR 0.58, CI95% 0.40 to 0.85, p 0.005) in the group treated with astemizole. The available evidence shows a therapeutic superiority of astemizole versus other antihistaminics in relation to the percentage of global success and the global scoring improvement of rhinitis, rhinorrhea, pruritus in general, urticaria symptoms and of the reduction of response to histamine, with a smaller frequency of headache or sedation.

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