European journal of clinical pharmacology

Formation and excretion of dipyrone metabolites in man.

PMID 1618251


The formation and urinary excretion of the dipyrone metabolites, methylaminoantipyrine (MAA), aminoantipyrine (AA), formylaminoantipyrine (FAA) and acetylaminoantipyrine (AAA) were determined following administration of a single oral 1.0 g dose of dipyrone to 12 healthy volunteers. The AAA/AA plasma ratio showed that 3 subjects were slow and 9 were rapid acetylators. Pharmacokinetic parameters were determined separately for each group. A good correlation was found between the plasma and urine AAA/AA ratios. The renal clearance of the four metabolites was similar for both phenotypes. A significant difference in the rate of formation of dipyrone metabolites was found for AA, 0.25 (slow) vs 0.1 (rapid), and for AAA 0.75 (slow) vs 7.53 (rapid). There were comparable differences between slow and rapid acetylators in the AUC and the urinary excretion extrapolated to infinity for AA and AAA. The present results show that the kinetics of dipyrone metabolites in plasma and urine can provide a useful measure of the activity of the enzymes involved in their production.