Transgenic research

Production of dextran in transgenic potato plants.

PMID 16201405


The production of dextran in potato tubers and its effect on starch biosynthesis were investigated. The mature dextransucrase (DsrS) gene from Leuconostoc mesenteroides was fused to the chloroplastic ferredoxin signal peptide (FD) enabling amyloplast entry, which was driven by the highly tuber-expressed patatin promoter. After transformation of two potato genotypes (cv. Kardal and the amylose-free (amf) mutant), dextrans were detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in tuber juices of Kardal and amf transformants. The dextran concentration appeared two times higher in the Kardal (about 1.7 mg/g FW) than in the amf transformants. No dextran was detected by ELISA inside the starch granule. Interestingly, starch granule morphology was affected, which might be explained by the accumulation of dextran in tuber juices. In spite of that, no significant changes of the physicochemical properties of the starches were detected. Furthermore, we have observed no clear changes in chain length distributions, despite the known high acceptor efficiency of DSRS.

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