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Nuclear chromatin patterns in 3 glucocorticoid-resistant RPMI 8226 human myeloma cell sub-lines: correlations with cell growth and immunological phenotype.

PMID 16210912


Nuclear morphological alterations associated with glucocorticoid resistance in human myeloma were evaluated by image cytometry in three human myeloma RPMI 8226 cell sub-lines. Resistance was induced by drug selection using prednisone (8226p), methylprednisolone (8226m) and dexamethasone (8226d), respectively. All these three cell sub lines displayed significant glucocorticoid-resistance without cross-resistance to doxorubicin. Nuclear geometry and texture were analyzed on G0/G1-selected cell nuclei and data compared with cell growth characteristics and membrane expression of CD23, CD38, CD44 and CD58 antigens. When compared to the parental RPMI 8226 cell line, glucocorticoid-resistant cells display a progressive chromatin condensation with heterogeneously distributed large chromatin clumps, a phenomenon not observed in the multidrug-resistant CEM-VLB cells. These alterations were correlated to the resistance index against glucocorticoids and to the expressions of CD38, and of CD44 variant forms CD44v5 and CD44v7-8 antigens. These data suggest that glucocorticoid resistance in RPMI 8226 cells could be associated with sub-visual specific higher-order chromatin organization changes. Furthermore, these alterations are correlated to the expression of membrane markers associated with tumors aggressiveness.

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