Huan jing ke xue= Huanjing kexue

[Preparation and characterization of a novel adsorbent made by cellulose acetate].

PMID 16212178


A novel adsorbent made by cellulose acetate was developed. Preparation method, structure, and adsorbing characterization of the adsorbent were discussed. SEM results showed that the surface of round adsorbent was stable membrane of cellulose acetate, free from obvious cracks, holes, or other defects; while the cross section of the adsorbent was meshy and a lot of cavities were found. The adsorption results of 4 organochlorinated pesticides, such as Dieldrin, Aldrin, Endrin and Heptachlor, show that the adsorbent has higher efficient for organic pollutants, the adsorption rate is about 85% after 12 h. The adsorption rate is faster with the higher lgKow, and the removal efficiency of Heptachlor and Aldrin is up to 99% after 0.5h. The adsorbent can be used to remove persistent organic pollutants effectively.