FEMS microbiology letters

Determination of coenzyme A levels in Pyrococcus furiosus and other Archaea: implications for a general role for coenzyme A in thermophiles.

PMID 16213671


Physiologically significant levels of intracellular coenzyme A were identified in Pyrococcus furiosus, Thermococcus litoralis, and Sulfolobus solfataricus, suggesting a role for CoA as an important low molecular mass thiol in the thermophilic Archaea. In P. furiosus, cells grown in the presence of sulfur showed significantly higher levels of oxidized CoA compared with those grown in the absence of S(0). T. litoralis showed strikingly similar CoA levels, although with low disulfide levels in both the presence and absence of S(0). S. solfataricus showed similarly high levels of CoA thiol, with correspondingly low levels of the CoA disulfide. These results are consistent with the identification of a coenzyme A disulfide reductase (CoADR) in P. furiosus and horikoshii as well as the presence of CoADR homologues in the genomes of S. solfataricus and T. kodakaraensis.

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C2643 Coenzyme A, oxidized lithium salt, ≥85%
C42H70N14O32P6S2 · xLi+