Characterization of peroxidase in buckwheat seed.

PMID 16403545


A peroxidase (POX)-containing fraction was purified from buckwheat seed. The POX consisted of two isozymes, POX I and POX II, that were purified 6.6- and 67.4-fold, respectively. Their molecular weights were estimated to be 46.1 kDa (POX I) and 58.1 kDa (POX II) by gel filtration. While POX I and II each oxidized quercetin, o-dianisidine, ascorbic acid and guaiacol, only POX II oxidized ABTS. Kinetic studies revealed that POX I and II had lower K(m) values for quercetin (0.071 and 0.028 mM), ABTS (0.016 mM for POX II) and ascorbic acid (0.043 and 0.029 mM) than for o-dianisidine (0.229 and 0.137 mM) and guaiacol (0.288 and 0 ). The optimum pHs of POX I and II for various substrates were almost the same, except for quercetin; pH 8.0 for POX I and pH 4.5 for II. Their optimal temperatures were 30 degrees C (POX I) and 10 degrees C (POX II), and POX I was more stable than POX II above 30 degrees C.