Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987)

Source determination of highly chlorinated biphenyl isomers in pine needles - comparison to several PCB preparations.

PMID 16413091


The isomer specific composition of 13 technical PCB formulations of different origin and of pine needles was analyzed using GC/MS and HRGC/HRMS. Nonachlorinated biphenyls were identified in 11 among 13 formulations analyzed, with the highest abundance found for highly chlorinated ones (Aroclors 1268 and 1260, Chlorofen, Sovol, Kanechlors 600 and 500, Delor 106, Clophen A60). Decachlorobiphenyl was identified only in Aroclor 1268, Clophen A60, Aroclor 1260 and Chlorofen, comprising, respectively, 8.9, 2.8, 1.3 and 0.82% of the total bulk of nona- and decaCBs detected. Nona- and decaCB were detected in pine needles in Poland with the highest concentrations found at the sites neighboring to a former production sites of the Polish PCB formulations, while in pine needles collected around the Tokyo Bay nona- and decacCB were detected only in four of 10 sites and the concentrations corresponded to those found at the rural areas of Poland.