Amino acids

Synthesis and characterization of aspartic acid complexes of antimony and bismuth triiodide.

PMID 16583320


New bioinorganic complexes of the aspartic acid with the antimony or bismuth triiodide were synthesized by a direct solid-solid reaction at room temperature. The formula of the complex is MI(3)[OOCCH(2)CH(NH(2))CO](2.5) x 2.5H(2)O (M = Sb, Bi). The complex may be a dimer with bridge structure. The crystal structure of the complexes belongs to a triclinic system. The lattice parameters are a = 0.9883 nm, b = 1.4284 nm, c = 2.0114 nm, alpha = 94.46 degrees , beta = 99.76 degrees and gamma = 100.1 degrees for the complex of antimony and a = 0.9756 nm, b = 1.4560 nm, c = 1.9875 nm, alpha = 94.18 degrees , beta = 97.25 degrees and gamma = 101.16 degrees for the complex of bismuth. The infrared spectra and thermal analyses can demonstrate the complex formation between the aspartic acid and the antimony or bismuth ion.

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