Biochimica et biophysica acta

Genetic regulation of cardiolipin synthase in Escherichia coli.

PMID 1661609


Recombinant DNA and genetic techniques were used to construct Escherichia coli strains SOH92 [phi(cls-lacZ+)] and SOH93 [phi(cls-'lacZ)hyb]. beta-Galactosidase (116 kDa) synthesized by strain SOH92 was primarily present in the particulate fraction. Strain SOH92 produced about 20-fold more beta-galactosidase activity than strain SOH93. Expression of clsphilacZ in both SOH92 and SOH93 was influenced by the terminal electron acceptor (increasing in the order oxygen, nitrate, fumarate) when the cells were cultured in minimal medium with glycerol as the sole carbon source. As strains SOH92 and SOH93 progressed from early to late log growth phase under aerobic conditions in LB broth, clsphilacZ expression increased about 2.5-fold. Fusion strains containing a pss-1 allele had an increased cardiolipin (CL) level, but no corresponding increase in clsphilacZ expression was observed. A cls::Tn10dTet null mutation was introduced into SOH92 and SOH93. The strains produced less CL, but no corresponding changes in clsphilacZ expression were observed. A high copy number plasmid bearing the cls gene had no effect on clsphilacZ expression. Taken together, these results indicate that cls is not subject to autogenous regulation.