Life sciences

Maintenance of brain thyroid hormone level during peripheral hypothyroid condition in adult rat.

PMID 16698041


Thyroid hormones are essential for normal functioning of adult mammalian brain. The present investigation deals with the understanding of the time course of thyroid hormone homeostasis in adult rat brain. Animals were rendered hypothyroid by PTU injections (2 mg/100 g bw) for 30 consecutive days. Serum and synaptosomal T3/T4 content, synaptosomal AChE and Na+-K+-ATPase activities were determined on alternate days. While serum T4 level initially increased on the second day compared to control, serum T3 declined in a triphasic pattern; the first phase lasting from the second day to the 6th day, the second phase ended on the 14th day and last phase continued till the 30th day. Cerebro-cortical synaptosomal T3 level increased on the 2nd day from the control, attained a peak on the 4th day, remained stable until the 18th day, and abruptly declined on the 20th day. Synaptosomal T4 content remained negligible or undetected throughout. Synaptosomal membrane Na+-K+-ATPase and AChE activity exhibited an inverse relationship during the experimental regime, being much more prominent on the 2nd, 18th and 20th day coinciding with the variations in brain T3 level. Thus, the study identifies the onset of central homeostasis between the first and second day, its continuation for about 16-18 days and its termination between the 18th and 20th day.