Letters in applied microbiology

A modified Vibrio harveyi mutagenicity assay based on bioluminescence induction.

PMID 16706895


Mutagenic pollution of natural environment is currently one of the most serious ecological problems. Therefore, rapid detection of the presence of mutagens is a very important issue. Although many mutagenicity assays have already been described, only a few are suitable for testing samples from natural environment. One of such assays is a microbiological mutagenicity test based on genetically modified Vibrio harveyi strains. The aim of this work was to modify and improve the V. harveyi assay. A series of V. harveyi dark and dim mutants were tested for reversion of their phenotype towards efficient light emission in response to incubation with known mutagens. Luminescence of the A16 strain (luxE mutant) increased significantly after a few hours of such a treatment with various mutagenic agents, revealing a dose-response correlation. Sensitivity of the assay has been determined for different mutagens. The luminescence-based V. harveyi mutagenicity assay is rapid, sensitive and reveals a dose-response correlation for various mutagens. The assay developed in this study is a potentially useful tool in studies on mutagenic pollution of environment, especially marine water.

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