International journal of radiation biology

Comparative human cellular radiosensitivity: III. Gamma-radiation survival of cultured skin fibroblasts and resting T-lymphocytes from the peripheral blood of the same individual.

PMID 1672363


Skin and blood samples were obtained from 34 donors, for whom there was no indication of abnormal radiosensitivity. From these, in 33 cases both fibroblast and T-lymphocyte cultures were obtained and in 26 cases at least three fibroblast and at least two G0 (resting) T-lymphocyte survival assays were possible. Within this set of results, differences in radiosensitivity between donors were significant for fibroblasts but not T-lymphocytes, although the range of radiosensitivity was similar for the two cell types (D 0.90-1.68 Gy for fibroblasts; 1.26-2.15 Gy for T-lymphocytes). Furthermore, there was little evidence for a correlation in radiosensitivity between the two cell types. These results suggest limitations in the predictive value of conventional measurement of cell survival.